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What to expect from a coaching session

We start off with a quick exploratory call to see whether we are a good fit. 

If we’re both happy to continue, I learn as much about your backstory as possible and we choose some healing modalities which you can work on between sessions. You won’t need to see me constantly as I can give you pointers to work on at home. I have extensive knowledge of both CFS (and similar conditions like Long Covid) and chronic gut-related conditions. 

I am not a doctor, I am someone who has been through chronic health issues and found my way out through perseverance and experimentation. I can offer you insight based on my research and my experience and – if necessary – direct you to other professionals or reputable sources for your own research process. I will not tell you the answers, but rather equip you to find them yourself and suggest ideas for safe experiments, such as dietary modifications and neuroplasticity work.

I went through a lot of trial and error on my journey, and this coaching is designed to help you learn from my successes and mistakes. I wish I had reached out for help more often during my recovery.

I have deliberately kept the price of the sessions very affordable, so I hope money won’t be a blocker for you to reach out and start taking action.

Single session



Pack of 5



Pack of 10