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From health collapse to thriving

My career has spanned leading technology companies and working in the health space in online education creating courses to train future doctors.

I have a Level 7 diploma on adult education and a background in teaching both adults and children on a huge range of topics. This has given me the ability to work out what absolutely needs to be said and to say it really clearly.

I’m also someone with an enormous capacity for research and testing. I spent thousands of dollars on courses and read hundreds of books from completely different schools of thought regarding CFS recovery. The information I present you is largely a condensed form of these experiments on myself, recovery testimonials I’ve studied and my reading.

I originally decided to do this for the sceptics of mindbody medicine, because I was once one of them. People who go on meditation retreats are already fully bought into nervous system health, but the New Scientist readers tend to run a mile at the first sniff of “woo”.

Why this was kind of a bad idea…

The treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Long Covid, and Fibromyalgia is one of the most conflictive areas in health. Reseachers looking into psyhological influences have literally been sent death threats by campaigners.

Anyone who speaks up and says this stuff works openly online tends to get a lot of backlash. This ranges from eye rolling to outright name calling. While I understand the community has been ignored for decades, this means that those who recover using these methods often keep quiet about it.


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Cycling spain

Pushing back with the scientific method

Talking about these types of theories used to make me angry too, but I was desperate enough to experiment and that paid off. This isn’t a one-in-a-million type deal either, I’ve reviewed literally hundreds of recovery testimonials and they almost always follow the same themes.

The people who openly rally against the neurological/psychological model of fatigue will never change their mind as it’s already part of their core belief system.

I would argue back that the core of the scientific method relies not on beliefs, but on experimentation and falsifiability. That means for something to be wrong, it has to be tried first. Yes, it can also mean huge double-blind placebo-controlled studies too – if there’s enough profit to justify them. Not the case here I’m afraid. 

Further, when it comes to dealing with how our brains, nervous systems and bodies interact, we simply don’t have enough understanding to run effective large-scale studies. The best evidence is to look at where recoveries are happening, and it’s in the world of mind-body medicine, not traditional medicine.

I simply cannot believe the number of people that dismiss a zero risk opportunity to recover without giving it a real try. I don’t mean that to sound judgemental, if that’s you, I mean it as a wake up call.

Next Steps

So let’s do this, together, let’s give this a try. I’ve made this one of the most affordable options on the market to reduce the endless back and forth research so many of us get drawn into when deciding what to do.

The time is now! I’ll do anything in my power to help you, as I remember the absolute darkness of being stuck in severe fatigue. Recovery has been the biggest gift life could ever give me.

I’ve added some pictures here of my new dream life I have built. I live in a sunny climate, I have a baby boy, I am working with purpose to help others. Recovery was the hardest thing I ever did or ever will do, but my God, was it worth it.