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Mind-body treatments for fatigue

Regain your vitality and get back to living your life

Is recovery from chronic fatigue, Long Covid or Fibromyalgia possible?


And I speak as someone who recovered from CFS, IBS, PoTs, and chronic pain. Others in my family have also recovered from CFS, as well as thousands who put their messages out online.

I know the feeling of stumbling across random websites of people claiming to know the answers if you just invest your time, money and full belief in them. I spent late nights scanning forums, websites and social channels for answers, never knowing who to trust, often throwing myself into unusual, untested therapies based on hearsay.

Being desperate for answers and outside of the models of medicine you grew up with is not an easy place to be. Most people only come to mind-body medicine as a last resort. Our society has very much instilled in us the belief that relief from illness comes in the form or medical procedures and pills. So when doctors say they have no answers, we turn to alternative medicine, because at least we are getting a supplement or a needle – something external. The idea the mind-body medicine can cure you of a serious condition just does’t sound right to the modern ear.¬†

Despite this, the very broad disciplines of brain retraining and nervous system regulation are leading to many recoveries. For an “incurable” disease, that’s not bad.

The therapies on this website are like a set of tools which you can pick up, put down and personalise to your situation. With time and persistence, they can lead to a recovery or significant improvement.

After that, the tools become a lifelong helper to moderate the response of your body and nervous system to the strains of the outside world.

Those that fully recover often have to completely change themselves, their way of thinking, and the way they balance their time. This takes commitment and focus.

More and more healing testimonials are coming out online. In almost all these stories the person turns to mind-body medicine after trying nearly everything else first (mine included). They come out the other side with a feeling of being renewed, of gratitude, and of balance.

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What techniques do I use? 

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My Story

Several years ago my life fell apart.

One day I was hiking for eight hours, the next I was in bed, all day. One day soon became every day. My digestion had also gradually disintegrated to the point where eating was just something I did to stay alive.

The doctors didn’t know how to help me so I spent several years seeing alternative doctors and healers until I built a toolbox of healing strategies.¬†

Now I live in Spain, working remotely as a writer. I am running, swimming in the sea, and laughing with friends every day. I no longer experience fatigue, IBS or PoTs.

As someone who literally tried it all, I now want to help you retrace my path to get your life back.

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